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Looking for an affordable and high-quality casting team for your project. You've come to the right place?

Here at Raffaele Productions, we cast each project we are given with our whole heart. The work you are producing is someone's baby- we know that. So, we treat each project we cast as just that. 

The casting process is complex- and it's all about finding the right pieces to the puzzle that align with the director and producer's vision. 

Here at Raffaele Productions, we draw from an extensive roster of unique talent to cast for Commercials, TV, Feature Films, and our favorite theatre (from community to professional).

If you want to talk to us about a casting brief, learn about our affordable rates, or to know more about how to get onto our database of talent, you can email us directly at Someone will get back to you within 24 hours. 

"Throughout casting there was constant communication about where we were in the process, as well as really kind and motivating words, which were all just really appreciated. Dom was great, he was very supportive, professional, and very open about everything that was going on in the process."
- Rachel-Marie Cartwright,  Actor

"Raffaele Productions provided every single detail and bit of information I could possible have needed as an actor to feel prepared for the audition process, from melody and instrumental tracks to being incredibly responsive via email when I had questions. In every email, and every zoom room I was met such welcoming support that allowed me to show up as my authentic self and perform. It was such a joy, and I always felt respected and valued."

- Molly Chiffer, Actor

"The overall atmosphere was creative, positive, upbeat and rooted in a great team spirit. I just had a wonderful time. I love the updates and announcements being promptly and very organized."

-Verena McBee, Actor

"The casting process set the precedent for the rehearsal process. Communication was abundant and always clear. The initial part of rehearsals were to learn our roles on our own and have ZOOM meetings with the director and other actors. Digital tools were utilized to keep the entire company in communication so nothing was ever missed. I never felt out of the loop or uninformed about any part of the process, and knew that all I had to do was post in our digital space or send an email to get answers. I have nothing but raves to say about this company."

-Joe Silver-Souza, Actor

"Working with Raffaele Productions was such a welcoming and wonderful experience. Everyone was so kind and knowledgeable, and I had a fantastic time!"

- Alyssa Jaffe, Actor

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