Are you investing in yourself or future? Can you do both?

Updated: Jan 27

What does it really mean to invest in yourself? I mean, I'm not giving up my daily Starbucks runs! Well, guess what, you don't have to! It's all about prioritizing! Have you ever heard the saying, "How bad do you want it?" Well...what's your answer? Let's chat!

I'll be completely honest, everyday is a learning experience for me. I pride myself on that. I don't know it all. I am not some seasoned actor with credits that will make your jaw drop. I'm green, I'm growing. What I have learned is VERY valuable, and I've learned it by investing in myself and career. So let's dig into that a little more.

What I Was Doing Wrong!

Starting out I was all over the damn place. Do I want to be an actor, do I want something more "stable," I'll take a voice lesson here and there, let me save, let me go shopping, this job pays well I'll just do this, can I even handle the pressure of doing this, what if I'm not good enough. Once I got past that and really worked on my mindset for over a year (a topic well discuss another day), I started getting somewhere. Here is where I went wrong from the start:

  • I wasn't committed to change. Change is something that has always scared me. I was use to spending basically every penny I had to produce shows here at Raffaele Productions. It felt weird to be spending that money to work on my own career.

  • I felt like I was wasting money. After a few weeks, you realize paying a coaching anywhere from $50-$200 for lessons or getting new headshots for over $500 starts to add up. Especially, when you are not booking work. So, I wouldn't stay committed and was constantly unreliable and flakey. Not cool. Not okay! A change was needed--I needed to fully invest in myself and GO FOR IT!

  • I wanted the best of both worlds. I wanted to still be able to go out with friends or get a brand new shirt AND go to my coaching sessions. Eventually, I did. It's all about balance. It's really all about mindset.

The Change!

When I started investing in myself, the world stared investing in me. Here's where things really started to turn around for me. I had to really be honest with myself and prioritize what I wanted.

  • Coaching-- I stopped fooling around and being such a flake! I started weekly coaching sessions for both voice and acting. I built up a reel. In addition, and probably the most important thing I did was enroll in Shannon Bills, 12-week mindset program. My life was forever changed. I learned so much about energy, healing, and truly grew so much in a short time frame.

  • I busted my butt--No, I am not rich. I'm not made of money. I had to pick up extra shifts, I had to do a lot of journaling and breathing because at times I was worried I wouldn't have the money, but it PUSHED me. I wanted this to happen! "How bad do you want it?" I wanted it, I want it, and I will have it! I was invested in myself and my goals, and I finally felt things aligning.

I Want To Invest In Myself, But I'm #Poor

Let me stop you right there! Remember when you were a little kid and you wanted the new air forces and your mom responded "Do you have money?" and you didn't so you started your Jolly Rancher selling business at school and almost suspended for selling Jolly Ranchers (4 for $1.00). Oh, no? Just me. Anyway, my point is. If you want this bad enough, make it happen for yourself. Things are hard and money is tight for a ton of families. Trust me, I know and I get it. Here are some suggestions:

  • For coaching's and workshop programs-- these people are artists (just like you), they deserve to be paid. Sometimes they offer scholarships and things of that sort (we do that here at Raffaele Productions). I will NEVER turn someone away because of the inability to pay, so always reach out and ask. YOU are valuable and YOU are talented. Maybe you can offer a service in return for their coaching? or maybe they are just willing to help! You never know!

  • If still in school--take advantage of every opportunity! Work with your performance teachers if they offer extra help, ask your advisers if they know of any local programs you can get involved in!

  • Side Hussle jobs-- babysitting/nanny, assistants (in-person/virtual), dog walker, tutor, sub teacher, video editor, waiter, restaurant employee, working at your local theatre!

  • Don't be "lazy"--It's very easy to just not try! SO MANY PEOPLE WANT TO DO THIS! You need to be the go-getter and the person who is out there making an effort! "You're the boss of you're own career"--Michael Kushner

The Bottom Line!

We can ALL accomplish anything we want. Anything. It's a big joke how I always say, "Believe in Yourself...Anything is Possible." It is. It really is. BUT there is comes more than just wishing and knowing you can. There is work and that investment in YOU.

If you are not willing to INVEST in yourself why do you think anyone else is.

The day I started investing in myself and my craft, the world did too.

Are you ready to finally investing in yourself the way you and your talents deserve?

What are you waiting for! Get to it!

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