Stuck Inside Today? Perfect Time To...Relax!

As actors, we always think we need to be doing something. Preparing our next audition, rehearsing, organizing our book, the list goes on and on! While those things are definitely a must, something I've learned is that it's also important to find time to relax and give yourself breaks! It's all about balance!

It's A Snow Day!

Snow days allow us all to get a much-needed mental health break from routines to rest and use our time as we please! There are NO RULES today! Here are some suggestions to take it easy today and put those stress of the audition week behind you:

- Watch a movie or binge a new show! I suggest manifest! I'm obessed with it! I had a calling to tell you about it! (if you know, you know)

- Break out a board game and play with your loved ones!

- Sleep in! It's so often you get to stay in your PJs past 9, so enjoy this!

- Make some warm soup or tea!

- Save the cleaning for another day--use this time (or part of the day) to really let yourself relax!

Ways You Can Relax Daily (As An Actor)

As performers we are, typically, stressed! The worries of booking that gig, the hustle of our side jobs, balancing school/work, it's a lot! Here are some suggestions to incorporation relaxation techniques into your daily life!

- Journaling. Journaling can help you gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health. I highly recommend Shannon Bill's Journaling program if you're new to journaling!

- Mainfesting, mediating, praying! Whatever you connect with, or all three!

- Take a "Sound Bath"

- Breathing exercises! (See video below)

- Practice gratitude daily. This will release an immense amount of stress.

- Treating yourself! Everyday you should give yourself some type of reward for the good you do! We work hard! Whether that's a coffee or a new shirt! You deserve it!

- Rest! When your body tells you it needs rest. Don't push yourself and take that time!

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