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This program changed my life! It taught me many new ideas and techniques that caused me to discover and explore my best self. I am able to imagine the things I want and make them a reality and without this program, I don't think that would be possible!

I am so much more confident in all aspects of my life. I feel as if I am always putting out positive energy now, and I am seeing the results of that.

I would 100% recommend Prep for Rep to literally anybody! Everybody deserves to feel confident and to feel like their best self, but they don't always have the resources. A program like this is something everybody needs, but especially actors. I had a general idea of how I needed to change my life but this program was so clarifying. Dom truly went to the fullest extent to make sure we got the absolute most out of these 10 weeks and I will be forever grateful!



It was an amazing experience, and we are very thankful for all the learning and support the program gave to us and still does even after it has ended! Prep for rep was definitely a amazing experience!

During the program I became more positive and productive, and I’m seeing so many angel numbers now too!

Prep for Rep is such a good experience that really helps you put your self out there and overall it’s so fun! I would definitely recommend to any actor and or friend!!



My experience with Raffaele Productions 10-week prep for rep program was AMAZING! I have grown so much, not only as an actor, singer, an overall artist but my confidence in myself has grown with the 10-week program. I speak louder, I sing louder; I am so grateful for Dom and his program.

My mindset changes are huge and I am so happy and I am a better artist and person. When I start to get nervous and think negatively, I quickly change my way of thinking, I turn my thought process around and continue with positive thoughts and with high energy. It helps me erase my nerves and move forward confidently.

I absolutely, 100%, would recommend the Prep For Rep Program with Raffaele Productions. This program helped me immensely and started a successful path for me as an actor, I have headshots, resume, reels…such great material and many great contacts! I am on my way and so will you be after your 10 Weeks!




Prep For Rep and Dominick Raffaele helped me become confident in myself when I never was. The whole idea of mindset was something I felt I didn’t need to work on, until I walked through the doors of Prep For Rep. Mindset is such an important factor when trying to be in the field of entertainment and many people do not know that.


Dominick Raffele is a hard working, very helpful, easy to work with, and talented person. He made working on myself feel easy, when most of the time it can be the worst thing in the world for me. He made me believe I can be something great in this industry, and want to try to put myself out there. He gave us some amazing tips and tricks to becoming a better singer/actor.


There were multiple master classes with some very well known people in the entertainment industry. I learned a lot from them but more from Dominick because he is just a natural at what he does. He guided me with my self tapes and was able to make me sound the best I can. As well as the acting self tapes, he challenged me to do scenes I never thought I could do. And with my new mindset and way of thinking I was able to send my videos confidently unlike the old me.


I was honored to hear back from a couple of talent agencies and offered representation. Prep for rep is a program I feel all should take a look at. Dominick Raffaele has done wonders for me and is an inspiring young individual who will always push you to do more than you ever thought you could do. 

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