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"Dominick is one of the greatest people I have ever worked with in my life. He holds his work to such a high standard and it truly shows in the final product. He exudes the best possible work from his actors and does it in such a caring and professional way. I will always take the lessons Dom has taught me in my future endeavors. His love for this art form is genuinely inspiring to everyone he comes across."


"Legally Blonde has been my favorite theatre experience thus far. This environment was so comfortable and so welcoming, I could not have asked for a better first experience with Raffaele Productions. The production team was so accommodating and so helpful throughout the whole process."


"Dominick Raffaele is one of the best directors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. What separates him from other people is his unwavering commitment to making you believe in yourself and feel proud of the work you’re doing. I struggled a lot with self-doubt during our production of Heathers: Live! and it would really hinder my acting ability; however, Dom would always be there to help me get out of my head and put me on the right path. The things I learned from that experience have helped me so much in the work I’ve done since. If you’re interested in pursing acting as career, I can’t recommend Raffaele Productions enough."


"Dominick Raffaele has been not only somebody incredibly professional, he’s been an amazing mentor and friend to me through the years. He treats his actors with nothing but respect and kindness and will do anything and everything for his team and production. He always looks for new and exciting opportunities to send to us, which help further our careers, he makes sure that everything is of stellar, star quality. Dom has been someone I am lucky to have worked with, he has so much passion for this and it really shows through. He has been such an incredible director to work with. He really cares about the actors first which is so important when you do theatre. I’m so grateful for all the time I’ve spent with him and all the knowledge I’ve gained from him. He always says, “believe in yourself, anything is possible” and it’s true! He taught me and so many others to believe in ourselves."



"Love Raffaele Productions. They were always super sweet every time I worked with them. Put on great shows, and Dominick  genuinely cares about his cast and crew. Dom is always a pleasure to work with!"

"Working with Dom has changed my life! He knew exactly how to boost my confidence and help me become the actor that I want to be! He has not only helped me through challenging times throughout the rehearsal process but he has been a friends that I can go to for anything! I always love working with Dom because he has the perfect balance of professionalism and fun! It is always a safe working environment where everyone has space to be their authentic selves!"


"Working with Dominick has made me grow as an actor and as a person. Dominick is a hard worker, but he also makes sure we have a good time during rehearsals. He is a kind-hearted person who looks out for others and will make u feel like you're part of the Raffaele Productions family!"


"My experience working with Dom has been wonderful. It is clear how determined and dedicated he is to put on the best shows possible. His productions showcase his passion, love, and respect for theatre, as well as his cast and crew. He takes on every possible job to ensure the best, and he does a great job at it. I had a great time working with Raffaele Productions. Even though it was my first time working with them, I quickly found my place in my new family. They are inclusive, kind, and loving. They all treat each other with respect, and it feels like I’ve known them all for years."


"Dominick Raffaele is the definition of a great Director! He gives his all in every show he puts on and creates a tightly woven family! His dedication to his shows, his passion, and his love for theater and his peers make working with Dominick such a great time! He is always there to support his actors and crew! Dominick has taught me personally so much and has made me far more confident and comfortable while on stage!"


"I have been at Raffaele since I moved here from queens and if it wasn’t for this company, I would not have the friends that I do now. Every time I am a part of the show whether it be cast or crew, I was the most fun ever and meet the funniest people I have ever met. I never feel like an outsider or like I don’t belong and even if I haven’t done a show in a while, I am always welcomed back with open and friendly arms. Dominick is one of the most generous and funniest people I know, and I am lucky to call him my friend and mentor. He will stop at nothing to make sure that his shows are fun for everyone involved and always puts his whole heart and hard work every show. He will notice whether you’re on your game or not and will never force you to do anything you’re not comfortable with in a show and will always make sure you are enjoying yourself while apart of the productions. He has always been nothing but grateful for every show I help with while I’ve been crew and always shows his dedication to his company in more ways than one."


"My son loves any and every opportunity he has to be a part of Raffaele Productions. Not only has he had impactful learning experience working with committed professions (directors, choreographers, crew, etc.), but also, he has had consistent opportunities to work with kind and serious, young people who love, musical theater, He always walks away, making new friends and eager for the next production. I have had an extremely positive experience working with Dominick Raffaele. Dom has been extremely approachable during and between productions. I feel comfortable talking to him about my son’s short and long-term musical theater interests. More impressive to me has been watching Dom create a strong sense of community with a large number of youth and adults from diverse backgrounds and artistic interests. Everyone involved in his productions look like they are having a blast, and lasting relationships are formed."


"Hands down one of my favorite acting experiences! The entire cast and team were so energetic, helpful and talented it made everything come along perfectly. Dom was down to earth and his directing style made everyone break out of their shell and be comfortable."


"Working on MEAN GIRLS was lots of fun. Cast was very social, encouraging! Dom is a great, young director. Good with conversation and conveying ideas. Would like to delve into the creative process with him more."


"I had one of the best theatre experiences at Raffaele Productions. Every single person involved was so welcoming and kind and I felt overwhelming support at every rehearsal. Dominick gave me such a great advice and guidance throughout the process and I have learned so much valuable information that has helped me grow as a performer.He is not only is he such an amazing director, but he is also an amazing person. "


"Dominick was such a collaborative director, and he not only came in with a beautifully specific creative vision, but he allowed the performers to also incorporate their own artistic vision. I worked with him on the MEAN GIRLS: Special Edition Concert. The Mean Girls: Special Edition Concert gave me the opportunity to connect with industry professionals that I never would’ve had the chance to learn from if it hadn’t been for Raffaele Productions. The cast was so welcoming and inclusive, and I was surrounded by people who made me proud to be myself; that’s incredibly special and hard to find. The expectations for us as performers were high, which pushed us to grow more than I ever thought possible in such a short amount of time. Something magical happens being surrounded by like-minded and highly motivated performers."


"Dominick Raffaele was an incredible director. He was so kind from day one. He was very easy to contact and always responded fairly quickly no matter what we needed. It was an excellent experience getting to work with him."


"It was very easy and convenient which was a nice change of pace from the rest of this industry. I came to class knowing exactly what to expect and always left feeling more knowledgeable! It gave me a great insight into work works and doesn't, which makes me feel more prepared when putting myself out there.Dominick is great and you can tell he really cares and wants everyone to succeed. He puts in the time (even extra time) to help walk you through or explain anything you may have questions about. I know for me it was helpful to have someone who caught those things I was missing or saw me presenting myself one way instead of another. He let me know exactly what I was missing rather than me sitting around guessing. I very much appreciated have the time to work with him!"


"Working at Raffaele Productions is proof that you can have fun and get work done. Every show I’ve been in at Raffaele Productions the cast became a family, and the closing show is always the hardest goodbye. The casting process is always fair and never stressful and the energy in the room is always fun. Dominick Raffaele does it all, he puts together almost every part of his shows on his own; and they always come out top notch. Dom has believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself and I am forever grateful for him constantly cheering me on. Whenever I thought I couldn’t play a role or couldn’t hit a note, Dom believed in me and showed me that I could. His constant support has helped me grow as an actor, singer, and person. There is no one like Dom and that’s why his shows always come out amazing and have such a fun energy that no other show can match"


"As someone who has worked with Raffaele Productions as a cast member and a member of the creative team, the one word I like to use to describe this company is family. Everyone treats everyone with respect and love and it is truly something I love to be apart of. Each production has been a blast, and it’s because of the people apart of it. Dom works so hard to make sure everyone is included and feels important, and it’s one of the reasons i love working at Raffaele Productions. Dom is someone that will always be supportive and be in your corner. He will push you because he knows what you’re capable of. He is an amazing director, mentor, teacher and friend. He is definitely someone you want in your life."

-EMILY SCHILLER, Actor & Employee

"I loved my experience with Raffaele Productions! I met so many new friends and truly got to be myself. I was just recently in the teen production of Heathers The Musical and I played Stoner Chick! The cast and crew were so fun to be around. I’ve definitely made some lifelong friends here! Dom is one of the best directors I have ever met! He is super relatable, understanding, funny, and very charismatic even though he is the one in charge. This is what makes him the best director. Even though he is in charge, gives us direction and advice, he still makes friends with us."



"Doing shows with Raffaele Productions is something that I look forward to in my week. The experience, the cast, the rehearsal process makes it all so fun. Doing Heathers here was one of the most memorable and fun times I’ve ever had doing a show. Getting a lead role and learning things about myself I never knew I could do before was the best feeling. Working with such talented and friendly people is a reward in itself.Being directed and coached by Dom really made me more confident in myself. When being helped singing Dom would keep telling me just to be confident and not worry so much about the notes and when applied it just felt so much better. Dom creates relationships with everyone and it’s so much easier when you can be comfortable and not have to worry about anyone judging you. I really do love working with him and the amazing team that creates such a lively and wonderful atmosphere."


"I had been out of theater for many years and decided to audition for a production at Raffaele Productions. First, I received a response to my submission very quickly, which was greatly appreciated. Between the audition phase and the callback phase I received emails with updates on the production's casting progress, specifically that they were inundated with submissions and it was taking time to go through all of them. In the 25 years I worked as a professional actor, I never once received updates or feedback during the casting process. I just isn't done. Dominick Raffaele is a trailblazer in the theater industry. To actually communicate with actors is such a welcome gift from a casting office.Working with Dominick is a dream for any actor or participant in a theatrical production. His visions are clear and concise, he is extremely transparent and communicative, and he is the most respectful producer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He always speaks in the kindest way, is respectful of everyone's time, and he is unbelievably organized. I would be thrilled work with Dominick any time, and look forward to it"


"Raffaele Productions provided every single detail and bit of information I could possible have needed as an actor to feel prepared for the audition process, from melody and instrumental tracks to being incredibly responsive via email when I had questions. In every email, and every zoom room I was met such welcoming support that allowed me to show up as my authentic self and perform. It was such a joy, and I always felt respected and valued.Dominick is one of the warmest, most well prepared artists I've had the pleasure of crossing paths with. He is kind and welcoming, super understanding, and incredibly talented at juggling all the items that a producer needs to juggle and he makes it all run seamlessly. He is super communicative, and forthcoming with any and all information, which makes being an actor in his productions an absolute treat."


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