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"Dominick is one of the greatest people I have ever worked with in my life. He holds his work to such a high standard and it truly shows in the final product. He exudes the best possible work from his actors and does it in such a caring and professional way. I will always take the lessons Dom has taught me in my future endeavors. His love for this art form is genuinely inspiring to everyone he comes across."


"I am a new member to the Raffaele Productions Company, but I feel like I have been apart of it since the beginning. From the first time I met Dominick and the first time I worked with him and his team in a show, he has been nothing but professional and inspiring. Being in the Raffaele Production Company, you will immediately feel that you are in the right place and in the right hands. Dominick never leaves an actor behind and will personally work with each actor in the company to help you become the best actor and performer you could be. In my experience of doing a show with him, the process is a train ride that just keeps on going, but Dominick makes sure that no one person misses that train. You instantly feel at home with your cast mates which was something that was so important and prominent in my experience with his company. You will feel so proud of yourself and your cast mates and feel so overjoyed after being in a show with the Raffaele Production Company. If your looking for a place to grow your training and experience, I promise this is the place to go."


"Legally Blonde has been my favorite theatre experience thus far. This environment was so comfortable and so welcoming, I could not have asked for a better first experience with Raffaele Productions. The production team was so accommodating and so helpful throughout the whole process."


"Dominick Raffaele is one of the best directors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. What separates him from other people is his unwavering commitment to making you believe in yourself and feel proud of the work you’re doing. I struggled a lot with self-doubt during our production of Heathers: Live! and it would really hinder my acting ability; however, Dom would always be there to help me get out of my head and put me on the right path. The things I learned from that experience have helped me so much in the work I’ve done since. If you’re interested in pursing acting as career, I can’t recommend Raffaele Productions enough."


"I was in both Heathers: Live! and Legally Blonde and I could say with full confidence that I loved each rehearsal and show. It was an environment that I felt so safe and comfortable in and it really made my views on theatre so different. It gave me the same joy that I got from when I first started. It was so professional and fun and; I loved it so much."



"Love Raffaele Productions. They were always super sweet every time I worked with them. Put on great shows, and Dominick  genuinely cares about his cast and crew. Dom is always a pleasure to work with!"



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